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TV Addiction Children

TV Addiction Children Overcoming TV Addiction â€Å"We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me, in preference to the person I am now† (thinkexist, 2006). This quote by George Seehan tells us that in order to overcome an addiction we must want to change ourselves first. It is hard for many people to admit that they have an addiction and need help. Overcoming any addiction can be a difficult process, but if one puts their mind to it, anything is possible. Defining addictions in general can be difficult. When we think of addiction we usually think of drug or alcohol addictions but there are many types of addictions. Nearly any craving or excess fixation can be categorized as an addiction. â€Å"Addiction is a term used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage is some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individuals health, mental state, or social life† (World Book Encyclopedia, 1966). Many types of addictions have been described such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, computers, and work. Adding television to the list should not make a difference considering all the time a person spends watching one. The viewing of TV is ok, but be careful to not overdo it. â€Å"Television Addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching† (GNU free documentation, 2008). A person should be in control of the TV, not the other way around. â€Å"Television addicts are a relatively new breed, especially since television itself has only been around for about 50 years, nowhere near as long as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs† (Russell, 2008). Even though this may be, television addiction is a big obsession and most people do not even know they are addicted. When a person takes a look at them self and sees how much time and amount of frequency, that they spend on one individual item compared to all activities in a day that is the main focus when figuring out when some type of activity or hobby has become an addiction. It is hard for people to convince themselves that they have a problem and that they should seek guidance. The first and hardest step in recovering from an addiction is recognizing that one needs help. With the generation that we live in now, it is especially easy to become a TV addict. The new invention of the TiVo, that became public in 1999, is a major contributor to â€Å"couch potatoes†. The TiVo stores television programs onto non-removable hard-disks. It also allows the viewer to pause live television, rewind and also replay up to a half hour of recently viewed television. Along with TiVo, where one can record their favorite shows, one can also watch their favorite programs online. On the internet one can find all the local listings to their favorite shows and even watch the re-runs if they may have missed an episode. According to data from the Convergence Consulting Group (1999), nearly a tenth of all broadcast and cable TV shows were viewed online. Convergence (1999) also estimates that 9% of all full-episode TV viewing was done online. Watching too much television can have negative effects. Reading, school work, playing, exercise, family interaction, and social growth are very important in a persons life and the time spent watching television takes away from those activities. By spending more time in front of the â€Å"tube†, the less time a person will have to spend with friends and loved ones. Too much TV can put a strain on many relationships. A TV addict will find themselves canceling regular get-togethers, just to watch their favorite show. Many will also schedule their lives around a certain TV program. The viewer may not accomplish tasks or goals that he or she feels are important. With some people, a lack of motivation, feelings of depression, and anger comes with the factors of making it a habit of watching television over long periods of time. Many viewers rely on the television because of its comforting effects. Trying to go for an extended amount of time without watching can lead to withdrawal sy mptoms as a person tries to cope with not having the security of the television. Another negative effect is that excessive TV watching inhibits physical activity causing obesity in the Unites States. With the large amount of TV that people watch, there leaves minimal time to do other activities such as work out and stay fit. Too much television does have its negative effects, but if the right TV shows are watched some benefits may appear. TV can be a great educational tool. According to the National Institute on Media and Family (1996), several studies have indicated that quality programming can be educational for young children. A 2001 study shows that â€Å"children who watch carefully constructed educational programs that are aimed at their age level do better on pre-reading skills than children who watch occasionally or not at all† (Walsh, 2001). Along with being an educational tool, TV can also bring the family together. Taking time out of the day to spend time with the whole family will help them grow stronger together. It is easy for children to fall into the category of being a TV addict because their parents do not limit how much they can watch. Children have become lazier than in the past and instead of spending time outdoors with friends playing and exercising, children would rather opt to watch TV shows. According to a recent study done by the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center, over the course of the year, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school or participating in any other activity except sleep (Sather, 2007). Children would be at an advantage if they flipped those roles and watched less television and did more school work and other beneficial activities. Children would rather choose entertainment shows over educational, but in reality children who watch educational shows will do better in their school work. For parents, TV is a simple way to get their kids out of their hair. It is less stressful for parents to have the television entertain their kids rather than for them to have to all day. TV violence triggers many bad behaviors among young children. Not monitoring what kids watch can bring out these bad behaviors. According to a study backed by the cable television industry (2000) â€Å"fifty-seven percent of television programs contain ‘psychologically harmful violence. TV violence influences children to act in ways they usually would not. Viewing large amounts of TV violence does not necessary cause a child to act more violently, but it can contribute to promoting a view that violence is routine in everyday life† (Peele, 2007). TV violence not only affects the minds of children, but it encourages them to think that violent behavior is ok. To overcome any addiction, one must first realize that they have a problem. Correcting an addiction can take a matter or weeks, months, or years. â€Å"Overcoming addictions depends on your ability to persevere through difficulties and mistakes, your faith in yourself, your faith in the process, and how much youre willing to put into the process† (Television Addiction, 2008). If a person does not make an effort then there will be no results. Much like any addiction, it is important to have support from family and friends. The saying, â€Å"slow and steady wins the race† is a way of looking at overcoming TV addiction. Start slow by limiting your hours of TV watched. Continue to move forward by taking small steps to achieve your goal. The recovery process differs from person to person depending on how drastically one is addicted to the television. Overcoming addiction is going to be as difficult as one thinks it is going to be. If a person has the mindset that things are going to be hard then chances are they will be. With more extreme TV watchers, it may be best to get rid of the television set in general. For less severe watchers, it may be as easy as making a TV watching plan for each week. Monitoring how many hours of TV is watched per day is a great step towards minimizing the amount of TV being watched. Other tips to overcome a TV addiction include, only watching when a certain show is on, setting a timer to limit oneself to how long they watch, or throwing out the remote control (Sri, 2008). It is amazing how much less television will be watched when one has to get up every time they want to change the channel. If a timer is used, it is best to place it in another room so the viewer is forced to get up and turn it off. This means that they leave the room where the TV set is, making it a less likely that the viewer will return to watch more television. It is also important to not eat and watch TV at the same time. Doing both can lead to overeating and eventually obesity. Television viewing for those who are more susceptible to addiction is more like drinking or taking drugs, once you start it is hard to stop. Being aware of the negative effects of too much television will help one not become an addict. Limiting the television intake can increase family time and decrease violence within viewers. Once one decides to turn off the â€Å"tube†, the hours that were dedicated to watching TV can now be used for more productive activities throughout the day. By making the step to give up TV, one will be on their way to living a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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Nationwide Insurance’s Use of BI to Enhance Customer Service

Why did Nationwide need an enterprise wide data Warehouse? Nationwide insurance company is one of the largest financial service company, with $23 billion in revenue and more than $1 60 billion in statutory assets. So in this large business nationwide insurance company experienced a various data issues, like data in-consistence, data reputation, dissimilar data processing, his will shows on business decisions and strategy on market.To resolving the issues Nationwide insurance started using Enterprise data warehouse technology from Attracted, it is a single data warehouse. It would provide best practices to make strategic and tactical business decisions. Data Warehouse is less expensive, stored in single place from different various systems also it will be helpful during critical analysis stage using clean and standardized data and provide solutions in short time instead of spending analysis, gathering he data, cleaning and stored in multiple places. . How did integrated data drive the business values? National wide has developed a customer knowledge store (CSS); it is a customer centric database. The integrated data improve the market and better communication with customers, significantly improved on the customer satisfaction. Sing integrated financial data can improve the customer priorities and resolve the issues in given time like clarify the queries, suggestions, current market situation and etc.In the current market customer satisfaction is very important at any given time using this integrated data business can achieve the goals. 3. What forms of analytics are employed at National wide? In National wide various types of business analytics are used, the data warehouse supports the descriptive analysis for all the business operations. In Predictive analysis the customer Knowledge Store to identify the kinds of customer interactions that are important for customers at different points.In he Prescriptive analytics the financial performance management approache d single data and technology architecture with a common set of systems standardizing the process Of financial data. 4. With integrated data available in an enterprise data warehouse, what other applications could National wide potentially develop? The case described customer relationships and financial reporting. Other areas of development pricing of products, regulatory compliance, hiring, risk management, and the location of facilities.

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Unsolved Mysteries – Physics

Unsolved Mysteries – Beyond the standard model The Standard Model is nowhere near perfect. It may explain the six quarks, leptons, and four forces, but it is not complete. There are still questions about antimatter, dark matter, and the inability for the Standard Model to predict particle mass. There is no guarantee that quarks and leptons are actually fundamental. Lastly, scientists still don't understand gravity's role. Unsolved Mysteries – The standard model as a theory The Standard Model is not wrong. However, it needs to be added to as it is an incomplete theory. the Standard Model can be expanded to understand mass, gravity, and other important pieces of information. Unsolved Mysteries – Three Generations There are three different sets of quark and lepton pairs, and these sets are called generations. Scientists do not know why there are only three generations, or why they exist in the first place. For example, up/down are first generation quarks, and the electron and its neutrino are the first generation leptons. Unsolved Mysteries – What about masses? The Standard Model also has another major flaw, as it cannot explain why a article has a certain mass.Scientists believe it is linked to something called the Higgs field, and are looking for a Higgs boson. However, these theories are still unconfirmed. Unsolved Mysteries – Grand Unified Theory Scientists have a major goal of creating a theory which will combine all of the fundamental forces into one, which would allow them to understand t he universe. It would also give scientists more answers and make study possibly easier. James Maxwell was successful at unifying electricity and magnetism. Unsolved Mysteries – Forces and the Grand Unified TheoryThere is a belief currently swinging around that forces may merge at high energies. This means that all interactions we observe are all different aspects of the same, unified interaction. This does not make complete sense to scientists, which makes everything confusing. The Grand Unifying Theory also implies that there is a force-carrier particle to cause protons to decay. Unsolved Mysteries – Supersymmetry Another interesting idea is the existence of â€Å"squarks†. These supersymmetric shadow particles need to exist, apparently, for gravity to make sense and be able to e combined with other fundamental theories.Scientists do not know if they actually exist yet. Unsolved Mysteries – String theory The fact that we live in three dimensions means th at quantum mechanics, relativity, and gravity do not actually go together too well. There is a belief that particles are strings and membranes which are also involved with very small dimensions. All of this is confusing. Unsolved Mysteries – Extra Dimensions The idea of extra dimensions comes from the fact that, as humans, we cannot see everything. To a smaller creature, these extra dimensions may be more visible.A preterred example is a tlea and a human on a tightrope. although the human can only go one way, the flea has more options. This technically creates another dimension that only the flea can use. Unsolved Mysteries – Dark matter Lastly, there is also the idea that the Earth is not made up of the same material as a majority of the universe. There is invisible dark matter which is involved with gravitational effects. There is also evidence that it is not made up of protons, neutrons, or electrons, but perhaps one of the supersymmetric particles, or something tha t has yet to be discovered.

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The Normality of Prejudment essays

The Normality of Prejudment essays In his article, The Normality of Prejudgment, Allport argues that normal cognitive processing of information leads to prejudice. He claims that humans have a natural tendency to categorize experience and that categorizing experience serves a number of important functions. However, when we process information about people, the categorization process results in generalizations about social groups, and these generalizations set the foundation for prejudice. Allport begins by observing that people usually associate with other in-group members. He claims people do so simply because it convenient and comfortable whereas associating with out-group members is a strain. It is a strain because one has to make an effort to understand other languages, traditions and values. However, in some situations such as the workplace, it may not be possible to avoid people from other groups. When contact with out-group members does occur, people often misinterpret their behavior resulting in negative feelings toward them. According to Allport, people tend to over generalize their negative feelings toward even one person to dislike of an entire race or other social group resulting in prejudice. For a majority of the article, Allport discusses cognitive categorization and how it can generate prejudice. He asserts that we categorize our experience because doing so is highly functional. One useful characteristic of categorization is that it forms large classes of information which help to guide our daily lives. Allport gives the example of a darkening sky: People assume that a storm is coming, and they can act accordingly. In addition, categories assimilate a great deal of information into a particular cluster. This aspect of categorization helps for us to quickly identify related objects. For example, an individual can identify creatures with wings and a beak as birds. Further, categorization simplifies our experience thereby making it eas...

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daughters of the dust essays

daughters of the dust essays In the article, The Black South in Contemporary Film, I read about the usage of religion in Julie Dashs movie, Daughters of the Dust. The way religion is used in this article is not the standard way we think of it, for an example going to church or celebrating Sabbath, but religion as a cultural system. I would like to begin my paper by just explaining what I mean by a cultural system and how its used in the movie, then go on to talk about what the article had to say about religion in African American culture. When I say religion as a cultural system Im talking about religion as a set of beliefs, and traditions then anything. A cultural system is based on things that have been passed up and practiced over many years. These beliefs and traditions dont have to be found in a bible or torah, but are held within the society and family. They are things that are revered in the population that make up their own religion. We see this cultural system flourish greatly in Daughters of The Dust. The sea islands of the Gullah, which are located off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, are worlds of their own. They have their own set of laws, responsibilities and a different way of living. On these islands they have cultural systems that have been there for many years. Nana Peazant, the familys matriarch, and also the center of the cultural system lives the African American memories, traditions, and beliefs of the past and hopes to bring them to the future. She fears that with all the new things that are about to come, the many things that form the cultural system will be forgotten, and the strength of the family, especially to that of African Americans will be dissolved. The whole movie, which takes place over one day, is a reunion of her people, the Gullahs. Its a gathering to say goodbye before they head off to their new worlds. Just a few aspects of this cult ...

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In Praise of Margins Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

In Praise of Margins - Essay Example The major weaknesses of this study are concentrated on the different examples of margins. As Ian Frazier notes, margins include both activities and places. Therefore, margins could include visiting a park, dancing studio, and visiting a friend’s place; and activities such as playing football or any sport, listening to music, watching movies, reading, dancing, and hiking, among others. Therefore, whether it is activities or places, margins are of value, as they provide individuals with an opportunity to be themselves and care less about the things in the outside world. It is therefore, important that an individual has margins, including activities and places, owing to the many positive outcomes that margins hold for an individual. A major example of margins in Frazier’s essay is the woods. As a child, Frazier and his friends spent most of their time in the woods. At this place, they together, had fun with each other and felt more comfortable. In the woods, Frazier and hi s friends would escape from the real world. They engaged in activities such as making forts and shooting frogs with slingshots. They also engaged in the activities of crushing ice and climbing trees. Here, they created their own little world where they did as they wished without fear of judgment. Frazier believes that the things that he and his friends did in the woods were marginal. However, these were important, as they served a purpose in his future. As an adult Frazier still visits the woods.

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The Masters Skills Personal Development Plan Essay

The Masters Skills Personal Development Plan - Essay Example The aim of a personal development plan is to get a person to reflect in a well-thought-out way concerning her or his knowledge, abilities and skills, and to engage in a course of action of continuous self-improvement. Because of this, knowledge, abilities and skills are improved (Bossidy 2010). Personal headship development plan, conversely, can be regard as a record of core qualities, traits, and abilities on which a person intends to centre her or his personal development endeavours. My objective in designing a personal headship development strategy is to assess as well as explore my behaviours, traits, beliefs, values, as well as a feeling of personal determination, and their influence on individual as well as leadership efficiency. The personal headship development strategy will also aid me in delving into and developing affirmations of personal purpose as well as leadership vision. This endeavour will aid me in planning as well as writing a persuasive and unique action plan that builds on my headship strengths and enhances my personal as well as leadership efficiency (Bossidy 2010).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚     I will design a personal headship development strategy to assess my management skills and capabilities, and to generate a strategy for me to enhance them. Via the personal development strategy, I will prime a strategy to meet the preconditions for accomplishing my position as a manager and leader (Bossidy 2010). Leadership Objective My objective is to cultivate my leadership abilities and turn into a transformative manager. Learning new ideas and developing fresh abilities and skills are amongst my topmost precedence. I always aspire to obtain new skills, which can assist me in realizing my objectives. I constantly strive for prospects to utilize what I absorb and to develop further. Reflecting back upon my educational expertise, I could disclose that I have been able to employ the things, which I learnt in various scenarios and areas. In my educational experience, I studied the practical details of managing business. I managed to finish all the allocated tasks in addition to performing well within different undertakings. A good example is my research project on strategic management within organizations. The findings of the research were very informative. I was also able to employ the theories, skills and techniques, which I studied in different activities and scenarios. I learned ideas about the various management strategies and policies. I also learned the fundamentals of management, for instance, planning, leading, organizing, controlling and co-coordinating (Christensen 2009). Transformational leadership tries to transform attitudes, beliefs and feelings. Transformational leadership ensues when a person or more people engage with one another in such a manner that followers and leaders raise each other to higher ranks of morality and motivation. Transformational leadership results to the transmutation of the followers, the leader as well as the social structure they operate in (Christensen 2009). There exist different traits of a transformational manager. A transformational manager is Charismatic. Inbeing, captivating, transformational managers encourage change, collaboration, commitment, improvement and loyalty amongst personnel. The transformational manager functions like a role model to the employees. The transformati